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A 14-story luxury apartment block in central Bergen, Norway, is the world's tallest timber-framed multifamily project, at 50 meters (160 feet).

*(ro-en) project_rw_responsible*

Gjerdrums vei 19,
Postboks 4215 Nydalen,
0401 OSLO


*(ro-en) project_developer*

Sweco A/S

*(ro-en) project_contractor*

Moelven Limtre, Stora Enso, Kodumaja

*(ro-en) project_architect*

Arctec A/S

The project, "Treet" (the tree), demonstrates how Bergen og Omegn boligbyggelag (BOB), a Norwegian housing association, can build urban housing with high land utilization, while choosing materials that meet future requirements for sustainability and greenhouse gases.

The tree building is based on support structures of glulam and apartments built as modules. 95% of the wood will be from Norwegian forests.

The modules are built in 4 level intervals. Platforms are built on the 5th and 10th floors which are anchored to a support system of laminated wood. The platforms are strengthened by 3 m high lattice beams of laminated wood, and then stacked additional four modules of four floors. To avoid that the building will sway in the wind the laminated construction is reinforced with diagonal laminated wooden beams. The modules will also be connected to the grid system to mitigate fluctuations in construction.

A high degree of prefabrication, both with the modules and support structures in laminated wood in addition to the coverings of the corridors, stair structures, balconies, shaft walls and elevator shaft, is planned. This reduces installation time on site.

The building's apartment modules have been designed to comply with the Passivhous sustainability standard.