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The sheer size of the new VW facility in Wrzenia required 210,000 m2 ROCKWOOL slabs, which will ensure industry-leading performance in fire resistance – particularly crucial in such a high-tech, costly facility.

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However, the key reason as to why ROCKWOOL Solutions are so readily applicable to this new VW plant is because it is a flat roof structure - often the source of bad acoustics and damp.

"Stone wool trapezoidal blocks fully fill the roof construction, enabling proper drainage and vastly improved interior acoustic qualities", explains Tomasz Aramowicz, Sales Director for ROCKWOOL Poland. "We go further than merely providing thermal insulation, also improving the overall comfort levels in the facility using our specially devised tapered system - cut-to-fall, offering high quality solutions in both damp prevention and optimal acoustic design".

The new plant is scheduled to be fully operational in 2016, and will create 3000 new jobs in the local community.

Covering an area of over 220 hectares - approximately the same size as 300 football pitches - the new VW plant marks the largest ever investment in the borough of Wrzesnia and will be capable of manufacturing 100, 000 cars per year once fully operational.