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The 6,000 m2 entertainment complex in Madrid has 1,700 m2 ROCKFON Mono acoustic ceiling that helps achieve the desired acoustic comfort in the busy area.

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ROCKWOOL Peninsular S.A.U.
Calle del Bruc, 50; 3º
ES-08010 Barcelona

Phone:+34 93 318 90 28


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Acústica JMS y Aislamientos IXAR

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Manuel Margarida (consultor acústico)

The restaurant complex Platea Madrid combines gastronomy and entertainment in a construction of almost 6,000 m2.

With the complex's size, it becomes clear that the sound quality is key. To solve this, 1,700 m2 of ROCKFON Mono acoustic ceiling is used.

The acoustic consultant for the project, Manuel Margarida del Pozo from the company Margarida Acoustic SL, points out that ROCKFON was chosen because it is a product that combined the needs required: "good sound absorption, aesthetic needs, finishes and adapts to the curved shapes that many of the roof surfaces has".