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Dr. Esquerdo 213 is a multi-family residential building located in the city of Madrid. ROCKWOOL REDArt facade system was used for facade renovation.

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ROCKWOOL Peninsular S.A.U.
Calle del Bruc, 50; 3º
ES-08010 Barcelona

Phone:+34 93 318 90 28


ROCKWOOL REDArt facade system was installed in 600 m2 and 60 mm in thickness with silicate finish.


ROCKWOOL REDArt facade system

REDArt is a thermal insulation system for the exterior facades (SATE) developed by ROCKWOOL®. The system consists of mineral wool insulation panels and all the components of the system; mortars, finishes and accessories necessary for complete system installation. All made of quality materials.

It was the company Actener who was responsible for installing the system.