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ROCKFON acoustic ceilings are used in Catalonia's Automotive Vocational Training Centre in Martorell. The training centre of Catalonia (CFPAC) is an educational and highly technical building, focusing on being a landmark building in the industry for their type and use.

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Marc Casany Estrada (Arquitectes CAAS)

The Automotive Vocational Training Centre of Catalonia in Martorell will dedicate its facilities to instruction, welcoming some over 18,000 students annually at its 12,500 m2 of constructed space employing solutions by ROCKFON acoustic ceililngs, a subsidiary of the ROCKWOOL Group, specialised in the manufacture of stone wool products and construction solutions using this material. The new centre was conceived as a high-tech, efficient and sustainable facility thanks to the use of stone wool.

According to project architect Marc Casany with the CAAS Arquitectes studio, it was necessary to create a modern, efficient and sustainable building. Casany explained that "ROCKWOOL products are the most sustainable on the market, making their use vital and necessary."

On the five-story building 5,600 m2 of ROCKFON acoustic ceilings were used, from the Color-all Stone line, as well as 21,500 ml of Chicago Metallic profiles.

Casany underscored the fact that stone wool is a 100% natural material that is abundant on the planet. In addition, according to the architect "it possesses many advantages for us as a studio and our buildings, as it has a huge potential." Stone wool is simple to maintain and highly durable, offers effective and healthy insulation, and is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures.


Environmentally-committed projects

The architect of the Automotive Vocational Training Centre of Catalonia also stated that in the construction world "we have to turn more and more to these sustainable and less contaminating products when it comes to building."
In this regard ROCKWOOL products and solutions stand out for being 100% recyclable, in addition to natural. For Marc Casany, this aspect is very important, and essential for today's type of building.

In the architect's view sustainability and recycling materials are "like a cycle of life, everything that dies is reused. At our studio we highly recommend natural materials, as they are characterised by their high quality."

Installer: TECAFRIC