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A beautiful new-built 300 m2 single family house located in Alcover, Tarragona uses ROCKWOOL REDArt facade system for its thermal benefits as well design freedom.

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ROCKWOOL Peninsular S.A.U.
Calle del Bruc, 50; 3º
ES-08010 Barcelona

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Rehabilitaciones Cal.lipolis & Distribucions PLB Reus

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Construcciones Requena

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Jordi Martí Balcells

Why use ROCKWOOL stone wool?

"During the previous studies of the project it had been raised the use of the ETICS system as facade finish andhad always thought of using rock wool as insulation arose because their level of breathability is higher than other insulators"said Jordi Martí.


ROCKWOOL systems allow overcoming the ground obstacles

The greatest difficulty of the project was to respond to the requirements of sanitation and thermal and acoustic comfort of the client. Jordi Martí explains that "the plot is located just next to a road with considerable traffic and the facade is completely oriented to the north".

To overcome the ground problems and to respond the exigencies of the developer, it had been used the REDArt system of ROCKWOOL. For the architect, ''External Thermal Isolation Composed System well executed can greatly reduce the problem of thermal and acoustic transmissions. They are also very helpful to reduce possible thermal expansions that occur in the work.''


Towards "20-20-20" objectives

The Alcover housing is a sustainable energy building thanks to the insulation with ROCKWOOL products. It is a building that can enforce the goal "20-20-20", that claim that in 2020 there is a 20% renewable energy, a 20% reduction in carbon dioxide emissionsand a 20% reduction in energy demand.

Despite this, Jordi Martí does not see clearly that Spain can achieve those objectives. According to the architect "it should be rewarded and encourage initiatives like this to try to get it".