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A beautiful new-built 278 m2 single family house located in Alfarrasí, Valencia uses ROCKWOOL REDArt facade system for its thermal benefits as well design freedom.

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ROCKWOOL Peninsular S.A.U.
Calle del Bruc, 50; 3º
ES-08010 Barcelona

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Miguel Ángel Farri

Why insulated with ROCKWOOL stone wool?
"In addition to the advantages with regard to thermal and acoustic insulation, ROCKWOOL improves the health of housing," said Miguel Angel Ferri and adds that "it is a material that has very good properties in terms of conductivity, capacity heat, embedded primary energy and especially low transmittances ". Thermal Insulation System for Exterior REDArt offers a complete solution from isolation to the finish, with quality materials to aid in aesthetics and design freedom, essential in private homes.


Environmental awareness, a key factor

Miguel Angel Ferri, together with the installer Victor Revert to Vipal's Canals SL agree that "are convinced and committed to the improvement in building envelopes as improving energy efficiency." The architect and installer added that "it was easier to carry out this project, among other things, because the owners are very sensitive to the environment and all that is energy saving.


Compatible with sustainable advantages aesthetic design

The REDArt system offers more than 200 colors, assuming "highlight competitive advantage," said Ferri. Moreover, the ROCKWOOL panel RockSATE DUO, by their properties, helps achieve the performance required in energy savings and acoustic insulation required by the Technical Building Code CTE.

For this property, say, "Could combine aesthetics with compliance with planning regulations concerning him." The REDArt system finishes combined with silicate or silicone, provides design freedom to architects.


ROCKWOOL Trust Hallmark

The company bases its philosophy on corporate commitment to both the environment and its employees, suppliers and customers. Therefore advises professionals in the aspects necessary for the installation of their products. For REDArt, ROCKWOOL has a wide network of recommended installers to ensure the proper execution of work quickly and effectively.

Finally, Miguel Angel and Victor Ferri Revert conclude that "is guaranteed to work with REDArt system for technical and applicators" given the convenience of working with light ROCKWOOL products.