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The building Huarun Yuefu consists of four high-rising residential building blocks - from 186 to 189 meters high. They are part of a large commercial and residential development project in the center of the capital city of the Henan province. The project is a breakthrough for ROCKWOOL China as the building blocks are the highest ones in China using the ROCKWOOL ETICS solution.

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洛科威中国 ROCKWOOL China
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郑州市建筑设计院 Zhengzhou Architectural Design Institute

ROCKWOOL China Sales and Technical Services teamed up with China Resources Land - a major state-owned enterprise. Together they conducted a research of the existing ETICS solutions on the market for high rise buildings. The joint effort resulted in the final selection of the ROCKWOOL ETICS solution for the prestigious project, which is followed by major real estate companies, designers and architects.

Insulation related fire disasters in high-rise buildings are not rare in China and the government and public are paying more attention to fire safety issues in high-rise buildings. 

Having co-operated with ROCKWOOL China, China Resources Land was convinced that ROCKWOOL products were the best solution. The ROCKWOOL ETICS system was therefore specified for the project. And by delivering high quality and efficient ROCKWOOL stone wool solutions, Huarun Yuefu's safety will be reinforced. Meanwhile, the acoustic comfort will be improved due to ROCKWOOL stone wool's acoustic benefit.