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The E3 Project (Eco Efficient Building) is one of the most ambitious projects between companies and University for its impact on the design of future energy-efficient homes from the selection of materials and its construction until its use and recycling. The prototype energy-efficient housing is developed by the Polytechnic University of Valencia along with the E3 Business Consortium.

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ROCKWOOL Peninsular S.A.U.
Calle del Bruc, 50; 3º
ES-08010 Barcelona

Phone:+34 93 318 90 28


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Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

Besides ROCKWOOL Peninsular S.A.U., the Eco Efficient Building E3 Consortium consists of many companies from different sectors. Since 2011, those companies are developing, in cooperation with the UPV, a research project on efficient building funded by the CDTi.

The general project objectives focus mainly on:

- Analyzing the challenges of sustainable growth in the current building.

- Social awareness through the dissemination of the project, as a way of specialization of professionals.

- The encouragement of multidisciplinary knowledge of energy efficiency within the sector and the implementation of research projects

- Promoting industrial development of the socioeconomic environment of the University through direct collaboration with the business network.

These objectives are materialized by BECSA in the development and construction of a building prototype applying industrialized and modular building systems that allow significantly to reduce construction time and increase the quality of the building. Those solutions involve also an optimization of the components' volume facilitating its transport and allowing its exportability to international markets.


An efficient family home

The building is approximately 60m2. Solutions that provide significant improvements to the Technical Building Code for the climate zone of Valencia are installed.

These solutions include a core of ROCKWOOL sandwich panels wtih 200 mm - a material that allows optimum thermal insulation, acoustic conditioning and protection of potential fire hazards. Furthermore, the building has been applied partition walls with ROCKWOOL and reinforced gypsum boards, in order to optimize the inner acoustic behavior.

It is anticipated that the energy rating of the building being assessed by the GREEN and LEED New Constructions protocols will gain CLASS A.