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ROCKWOOL France is a dominant player in the renovation of the prestigious Eiffel Tower. The first floor of the tower is getting a full ‘makeover’, and will welcome its visitors with a completely renovated floor 57 meters above Paris.

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111, rue du Château des Rentiers
75013 Paris

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Bateg Company (Vinci Group)

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The first floor of the Eiffel Tower was outdated and did not meet current technical standards. Furthermore, it was unsuitable for disabled visitors, who were not able to get easy access to the tower. The renovation enables all visitors, regardless of any disability, to enjoy all aspects of the amazing tower.

Besides ROCKWOOL insulation, solar thermal energy, wind energy, hydropower, rainwater recovery, LED lighting, different techniques will be implemented to improve the energy performance of the Eiffel Tower.

Managing Director of ROCKWOOL France, Bernard Plancade, says: "This is a great project with a large international media impact, which we are proud to contribute to. With 7 million visitors per year, it is clear that the project designers should pay special attention to the safety aspect of this first floor. The choice of ROCKWOOL solutions fits perfectly all the requirements of public buildings, due to our global approach. It also shows the ability of ROCKWOOL's products to support ambitious and demanding projects."

The renovation is planned by Moatti-Riviere, carried out by Bateg (Vinci Group) and initiated and funded by the operating company of the Eiffel Tower, SETE.

The refurbishment project includes:

- An educational museum
- Renovation of restaurant and shop
- Renovation of reception and conference hall
- Fully glazed floor and railings that offer an amazing view of the tower and the square