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The external walls of the heightening measure 270 cm height and were set up in only four days and ensure such a good heat protection that besides the underfloor heating there are no radiators needed.

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ROCKWOOL Mineralwoll GmbH & Co. OHG
ROCKWOOL Strasse 37-41
DE-45966 Gladbeck

Telefon: +49 2043 408-0
Kontakt: Thorsten Wand


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Kern-Schneider-Jestaedt GbR, Mainz

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Architekturbüro Wolfgang Jestaedt, Mainz

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Holzbau Lehmann GmbH, Bad Kreuznach

The former railway building at track 1 in Nieder-Olm, close to Mainz, had provided valuable services until German Railways decided to stop using it. A circle of private investors bought the building and decided to heighten and refurbish it. This was made profitable by using the "ROCKSHELL" lightweight system.

The old waiting and ticket hall as well as the former waiting area outside were rebuilt into a dining area. Another guest room was created in the former roofed waiting areas. A heightening of the building which was realized using ROCKSHELL lightweight wall system and finished in January 2013, houses an engineering office of about 190 m². 

Heat protection through heightening

The external walls of the heightening were built on a ring beam and were made from "ROCKSHELL" standard elements, measuring 270 cm.  They were set up in only four days and ensure such a good heat protection that besides the underfloor heating there are no radiators needed. The decision to use the "ROCKSHELL" wall system was made with regard to heat protection in summer and especially noise protection. The building is situated very close to the tracks and therefore the heat that they radiate needed to be kept away from the offices.

Well protected against noise

The railway line continues to be in operation and will be used even more often as induction to Frankfurt main station in the future. All rooms inside thus needed a very good protection from outside noise. With its 250 mm thick stone wool insulation modules, the "ROCKSHELL" wall system reaches a sound reduction between 54 and 60 dB - depending on the façade design. This value absolutely is far above average.   

Attractive cladding with ROCKPANEL façade panels

The "ROCKSHELL" walls were cladded with ROCKPANEL facade panels of the series Natural. These can easily be handled on site and change their appearance according to weather conditions, especially during the first six to eight weeks after installation. At the same time the combination of ROCKPANEL façade cladding and the ROCKSHELL wall system ensures a perfect ratio regarding building physics: By means of the vertically installed laminated veneer lumbers, being mounted on the insulation and serving as supporting structure for the facade panels, an air layer is created that circulates between the "ROCKSHELL" insulation surface and the façade panels. This takes away wind pressure from the insulation and at the same time protects the basic structure of the building sustainably.