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Outstanding childcare centre in Frederiksberg. As the new childcare centre in Frederiksberg seeks to find its place among the surrounding buildings, it also plays a defining role.

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Hovedgaden 501
DK - 2640 Hedehusene
+45 4656 1616

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Enemærke & Petersen A/S
Ole Hansens Vej 1
4100 Ringsted

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Tegnestue Vandkunsten

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This spring (2013), 90 pre-school children and carers will move into brand new premises on Virginiavej in Frederiksberg, Copenhagen. Architect Hildur Hansen from Tegnestue Vandkunsten reports that the design of the childcare centre seeks to match the surrounding environment, characterised by large private residences: "We have respected the materials and proportions of neighbouring buildings, and have chosen slate cladding for the façades and roof."

Variegated experiences

There have been plenty of things to keep in mind. While they have tried to create variegated experiences for the children externally, there has also been a focus on the design of the interior setting.

"In addition to having to satisfy a number of functional requirements, the proportions, natural lighting and ceiling heights vary in the rooms. All activity rooms have views of and access to the outdoors - either to the garden or a roof patio with stairs to the garden," says Hildur Hansen.

Everything is just easier

ROCKWOOL REDAir™ FLEXSYSTEM was chosen as the best way of realising the desired look and functionality of the childcare centre. Builder, Anders Johansen of Enemærke & Petersen, was very happy with the choice, as it quickly became apparent that the project was unusually demanding.

"Vandkunsten's architects design very creative buildings with a variety of angles and interfaces, so it was a huge advantage to use FLEXSYSTEM, which is very flexible to work with and easy to install."

He has only used the product on one prior occasion when renovating the head office of ROCKWOOL Scandinavia. "I cannot fault it. It is not particularly heavy. You install it in manageable chunks without the help of cranes. So lightweight scaffolding is adequate, minimising the costs."

"It was a huge advantage to use FLEXSYSTEM, which is very flexible to work with and easy to install."
Anders Johansen, Enemærke & Petersen.