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Naturgas Fyn's warehouse blended into its surroundings despite its size. New façade cladding has given the building a more modern appearance and greater durability.

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Hovedgaden 501
DK - 2640 Hedehusene
+45 4656 1616

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Tm.Fa. Guldfeldt Tm./Sn.
5260 Odense S

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Creo Arkitekter A/S
Østerbro 5, 1. Sal
5000 Odense C

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Rytis Gelombickas and partner of Creo Arkitekter faced several challenges when they began renovation of Naturgas Fyn's warehouse in Odense. The warehouse was built in classic 1970s concrete style and stood as an isolated grey colossus, partially concealed among bushes and trees from two neighbouring highways.

"The nondescript concrete building failed to attract the attention of passing motorists. The challenge was to give the building a new look while improving insulation and reducing energy consumption. There were demands in terms of both durability and aesthetic expression," explains Rytis Gelombickas.

Only advantages

Bjarne Radoor of S. Guldfeldt Nielsen A/S led the construction work on the project and ROCKWOOL FLEXSYSTEM was selected for renovation of the building facade. Following his first encounter with it, Bjarne Radoor sees nothing but advantages with the ROCKWOOL solution.

"Unlike traditional systems using brackets, panels and insulation, using FLEXSYSTEM you only need one plug. You affix the batt and that's it. We worked with 60x100 cm batts, which meant we could cover an incredible area in a single day. This speeds up the process and saves wages," says Bjarne Radoor.

Modernised facade
Rytis Gelombickas is also very happy with the result of the 1400 m2 renovation.

"We have achieved an excellent result using ROCKWOOL FLEXSYSTEM. The façade of Naturgas Fyn's warehouse now has a modern new look and greater durability. Now you won't miss it from the road."

"We have achieved an excellent result using ROCKWOOLFLEXSYSTEM. The façade of Naturgas Fyn's warehouse now has a modern new look and greater durability."
Rytis Gelombickas, Creo Arkitekter.