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Tromsø Municipality chose a total insulation solution for its first passive building childcare centre. The architect and project manager were very enthusiastic about the products.

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Tromsø kommune Eiendom

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Nord-Tre AS

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Arkitekturverkstedet i Oslo/Asplan Viak

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More stringent energy efficient building regulations demand continual improvements to construction solutions. In connection with its 'Framtidens Byer' (cities of the future) climate project, Tromsø Municipality has built its first passive building childcare centre, Kvamstykket Barnehage. "Constructing a passive building such as this involves many challenges. For example, the shell must be as airtight as possible to avoid moisture and maximise energy efficiency," explains Aksel Warhuus of Asplan Viak.

Complete insulation system
To make the concrete and steel structure as energy efficient as possible, ROCKWOOL products were used to insulate the walls and roof of the centre ROCKWOOL FLEXSYSTEM  (150 mm) and Flexi A-plate (50 mm) were used for the walls, while HardRock Energy System was used for the roof (a combination of two systems specially designed for concrete and steel roofs).

Martin Jørgensen of Nord-Tre AS has previously worked with ROCKWOOL products and was again very satisfied with the 'multilayer combination' of Flexi A-plate on wall interiors and FLEXSYSTEM on the outside - with HardRock as the cornerstone and cladding for the roof.

"The combination of the three ROCKWOOL products resulted in a more simple, energy-efficient insulation with no thermal bridges. It also greatly simplified construction because a single timber frame was adequate, rather than the two usually required to achieve the U value requirements for a passive building."

Increasing demand

Aksel Warhuus agrees and sees major advantages from enclosing the load-bearing structure in airtight insulation - a practice he expects we will see more of in the future.

"We were very satisfied with the ROCKWOOL products - both as a solution to the requirements we faced and thanks to the simple construction method they offered. Given the current focus on eco and energy-efficient solutions, I am confident we will see greater demand for these materials and methods in the future."

"The combination of the three ROCKWOOL products resulted in simple, energy-efficient insulation with no thermal bridges."
Martin Jørgensen, Nord-Tre AS.