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A leading Danish energy measurement company looking for a low-price, reliable system for a building extension got energy efficiency into the bargain.

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Hovedgaden 501
DK - 2640 Hedehusene
+45 4656 1616

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Murerfirmaet Axel Poulsen A/S
Lindegade 10 1,th, 6600 Vejen

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Brdr. Daugaard Pedersen A/S
Marselisborg Havnevej 38 – 8000 Århus C.

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Kamstrup A/S is located in Skanderborg, Denmark. By developing innovative and lasting solutions, the company has established itself as a global leader within energy measurement solutions. They were therefore pleased to find an energy-efficient solution for the extension to their company head office.

"We wanted to find a low-price, reliable system," says Martin Ringsstrøm of Daugaard Pedersen A/S. "The company has added about seven buildings on both sides of the road over the last 20 years. It was now time to build an 'anchor point' to combine the many buildings into a unified whole."

Flex or wooden frame

Niels Kaack of Daugaard Pedersen A/S has had good experience with ROCKWOOL FLEXSYSTEM insulation as a sub-structure from an earlier project which also used zinc as a building material. Kamstrup's existing office buildings are made of red brick and zinkstern cladding. FLEXSYSTEM was therefore a natural insulation choice for exterior wall sections with zinc cladding.

"We have only received positive feedback from our tradesmen who worked with FlexSystem. They found it easy to affix the batts and battens. To maintain a consistent look with existing buildings we decided zinc cladding on top of ROCKWOOL's system was the best solution," explains Niels Kaack.

REDAir™ FLEXSYSTEM involves affixing batts externally to insulate walls. These have 'flex' zones along two edges to ensure airtight joins and avoid thermal bridges. External insulation avoids the accumulation of moisture in the load-bearing structure and ensures optimum energy efficiency.

"We had a choice between zinc cladding over a FLEXSYSTEM layer, or a traditional red brick wall with interior insulation. As always, we gave priority to avoiding thermal bridges and streamlining the construction process. FlexSystem is clearly the best choice for energy efficiency," says Niels Kaack.

"As always, we gave priority to avoiding thermal bridges and streamlining the construction process.FLEXSYSTEM is clearly the best choice for energy efficiency."
Niels Kaack, Daugaard Pedersen A/S.