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Bright solution to Glødelampegrunden project

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JJW Arkitekter | KANT arktitekter

300 homes are being built on the former factory site in Herlev, Denmark, known as Glødelampegrunden. New insulation and exterior wall systems have saved time and money, and given the project the desired look.

"We chose FLEXSYSTEM for the simple reason that it is a brilliant system," says Lau Zaar from Dansk Boligbyg. "Once the batts have been affixed, you can immediately start cladding the exterior wall. This reduces the work involved and saves money."

City within a city

The project in Herlev has drawn inspiration from the Riad buildings characteristic of the Moroccan city of Marrakesh. These are secluded from the outside world, facing inward onto a courtyard garden.

ROCKWOOL REDAir™ FLEXSYSTM will be used to insulate two low-rise blocks of townhouses on the 5,000 m2 Glødelampegrunden site. The insulation system consists of just a few components and can be used with a variety of wall structures.

Not all the homes will be secluded. A seven-storey apartment block will be built in front of the townhouses and serve as a landmark for the whole area. This building will be clad using ROCKPANEL Natural. These durable panels change their appearance over time, following exposure to the environment. Like wood, concrete and steel, the panels weather and fade after exposure to sunlight, giving the building an appealing texture.

More intelligent and more space

A more traditional building construction method was considered initially. But Lau Zaar, Rune Beck of KANT Arkitekter and Thomas Kröll of JJW Arkitekter are all very pleased that REDAir FLEXSYSTEM was chosen for the insulation, as they believe it is a better system.

"The two offset layers result in more airtight joins, preventing thermal bridges," says Lau Zaar. Rune Beck also sees other advantages. "The ROCKWOOL product is smarter. You avoid the need to draw and install aluminium brackets and get more space for the exterior wall structure." "I have used FlexSystem before on another apartment building with excellent results," adds Thomas Kröll.

"I have used FLEXSYSTEM before on another apartment building with excellent results."
Thomas Kröll, JJW Arkitekter.