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The secret of success in Statoil building: The striking building in Fornebu, Norway was completed in record time. “We take well-known solutions to the next step and push them to their limits,” explains one of the architects involved

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Statoil's new office building contains over 66,000 square metres of floor space. The nine floors in the five rectangular prisms can house over 2,500 employees. It took three years to design and complete the passive building, estimated to have cost NOK 1.5 billion. "The aim was to create a visual identity reflecting the dynamic Statoil embodies. It is the largest company in Norway and one of the largest in the world, and a leader in the oil industry," explains Charlie Marsden of a-lab.

Horizontal installation

Both employees and materials have been pushed to the limit during the process, to achieve the success the project enjoys today. And the schedule was indeed busy. In addition to safety, energy efficiency and budget, time has played an important role.

Charlie Marsden notes that it is unprecedented for a project of this scale to be completed in just three years, and is in no doubt the ROCKWOOL FLEXSYSTEM insulation was a contributing factor.

"Such processes normally require an additional year. But we take well-known solutions to the next level and push them to their limits. Much like ROCKWOOL has done with its FLEXSYSTEM product."

FLEXSYSTEM is normally used for the vertical insulation of exterior walls, but was instead mounted horizontally to insulate floors. It is crucial that the insulation batts are rigid, as this aids rapid installation even when working at height. Where several thousand square metres of insulation has to be installed, as in the Statoil project, a lot of money can be saved.

Trim and install - it works

The ability to thermally clad the underside of the office prisms has been a great advantage to Charlie and the rest of the team, who worked closely with ROCKWOOL Scandinavia to find new solutions using existing products.

"It's just a lot faster using FlexSystem, and also more efficient. You simply trim, install, and it works. FlexSystem offers a faster and better process," says Charlie Marsden.

"FLEXSYSTEM offers a faster and better process."
Charlie Marsden, a-lab.