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A significant building with acoustic comfort: Once the award winning 8House was completed, it became evident that acoustics in the business section weren’t good enough. This was solved by adding ROCKFON Cosmos, while ROCKWOOL Flexi Batts were used in the apartments to ensure good acoustics.

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Hovedgaden 501
DK - 2640 Hedehusene

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St. Frederikslund Holding

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BIG | Bjarke Ingels Group (Ole Elkjær-Larsen)

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As Denmark's largest residential building, 8House is one of the most significant buildings in the new Copenhagen neighbourhood, Ørestad. Designed by world famous architecture firm BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, the building combines 476 apartments, a café and businesses and is shaped like a giant figure of eight.

Acoustics insulation with ROCKWOOL Flexi Batts

In the accommodation part of 8House, insulation that secured good acoustics was needed, and here ROCKWOOL Flexi Batts became part of the solution. 8House is designed as one long, coherent house with immense differences in height, creating a strong inflow of light and a unique local community with small gardens and pathways. With 500 m2 of communal areas and a one kilometre long public path winding its way all the way up along the building, close co-existence with neighbours is the natural choice.

"8 House is where suburban life merges with the energy of a big city - where business and housing co-exist. The intimacy and closeness of the building requires an intelligent acoustics insulation solution, which was provided successfully by ROCKWOOL Flexi Batts," says Ole Elkjær-Larsen, Architect at BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group. A total of 28,855 square metres of 45 mm ROCKWOOL Flexi Batts slabs and 5,250 square metres of 95 mm slabs were used as part of the insulation solution for the 60,000 square metre building.

Good acoustics combined with a rough look

In the business section a rough concrete surface was initially created on the ceiling, but when the building was put to use, it became apparent that once the rooms were filled with people talking, acoustics were problematic. "We solved the problem by adding ROCKFON Cosmos directly on the concrete ceiling. This way we were able to keep the rough look, while acoustics improved, so that even events with many people - and high quality acoustics - are now possible ," says Manager Jannik S. Rasmussen from JJT Entreprise, one of the contractors.

Award winning architecture

8House offers three kinds of accommodation: apartments of varied sizes, penthouses and townhouses and won the housing category at the World Architecture Festival in 2011. It is inspired by classic townhouses as well as the open, democratic nature of functionalistic architecture. 8House is literally hoisted up in the Northeast corner and pushed down at the Southwest corner, allowing light and air to enter the courtyard - optimizing the daylight and natural heating for all inhabitants and providing natural ventilation. Two sloping green roofs totalling 1,700 m2 have been added to reduce the urban heat island effect, slow down the flow of rain water and provide the visual identity of the project. For this the building won the Scandinavian Green Roof Award in 2010.