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Custom made house design with RockShell: Outside Kjellerup in Jutland, Denmark, a zero energy single family house is being built using the RockShell modular system that has been adjusted to fit the specific design of the house.

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Hovedgaden 501
DK - 2640 Hedehusene

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Bygningskonstruktør Erik Abildskov

"My interest is in designing low energy buildings, and I was curious to see whether RockShell could accommodate an architecturally designed house. I found that the system could in fact be adjusted in a way that met our needs," says building engineer Erik Abildskov. He is responsible for the design of the first single family house that is being built using the RockShell modular system.

With walls that are as slim as 365 mm, but with a very low u-value that ensures a high degree of insulation, it has been possible to design a zero energy house - without making the house more expensive than a traditional newly built house. "The RockShell system is easy and simple and fits well with the concept of a low energy house. In fact, using RockShell made it possible to build not only a low energy house, but azeroenergy house in Kjellerup," says Erik Abildskov.

After having made the drawings for the 175 square metre one storey house, Erik Abildskov sent them to ROCKWOOL Scandinavia. One challenge was the placement of windows. Normally when using RockShell there has to be at least 300 mm between the windows, but adjustments were made so that in this case they are placed as close as 100 mm from each other. "ROCKWOOL Scandinavia has been most accommodating and has adjusted the RockShell system to fit our needs, for example when it comes to the placement and size of the windows," says Erik Abildskov.

Fast and efficient construction

The bespoke RockShell kit was constructed according to Erik Abildskov's drawings and delivered to the building site outside Kjellerup in Jutland, Denmark. The procedure prevents material loss and secures fast and efficient construction. "It is delivered as a complete kit that is assembled really fast, which was a big advantage in this case, as the old house had burnt and a new one needed to be built rapidly.

Due to vacation time, the RockShell walls of the house in Kjellerup were built by one man only. It took him one week to put them all up," explains construction architect at ROCKWOOL Scandinavia, Simon Bullinger. Erik Abildskov agrees: "When it comes to the on site assembly, I see advantages compared to for example wooden construction that I have worked with before," he says.

Another construction advantage is that since RockShell is not made from organic material it is easy to build in winter as neither steel nor stone wool is susceptible to damp. "Often wood would be used to build slim walls, but here that has been replaced by steel. However, thermal bridges are not created as all walls are covered with stone wool. Furthermore, the construction also secures a good indoor climate and a high degree of fire resistance" says Simon Bullinger.