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Insulation plays a key role when it comes to creating energy efficient buildings. When a new tennis centre was built in Växjö, the requirements were particularly high. A passive building needs thicker insulation, and absolute air tightness. The centre’s timber frame was also unusual, so no standard product was available. The solution was a new, custom-made delivery from ROCKWOOL Sweden.

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When the external walls of the tennis centre in Växjö needed to be insulated, Dynacon faced several challenges. Firstly, effective logistics were required due to the large volume of insulation to be included. A normal building has around 220 mm of insulation. The tennis centre needed a thickness of 400 mm - in a building which is 75 metres long, with walls nine metres high.

"In all, we used 664 cubic metres of insulation in the walls, and the logistics worked well," says site manager Lars-Åke Sjökvist. "The deliveries arrived on time, and at the rate we wanted."

Another challenge lay in finding insulation that was suitable for the timber frame used, and that was sufficiently airtight. The tennis centre was constructed using I-beams that are 47x70 millimetres at the edges and 10 millimetres at the ribs.

"Such a structure is ideal for this type of project," explains Lars-Åke. "But it's not particularly common, and there were no suitable standard boards available."

ROCKWOOL Sweden, which was involved in the project from an early stage, devised a solution using customised Flexibatt boards which were uniquely cut for use with the I-beams.

"By doing so, we were able to avoid angling in the insulation," continues Lars-Åke. "That would have been difficult, and there would have been a risk that it wouldn't have been airtight enough. But the custom-made boards were an ideal solution. We also used over seven kilometres of tape to ensure that there won't be any leakage at the joints."

But working with specialist solutions is nothing new for ROCKWOOL Sweden.

"We're carrying out more and more commissions involving demands in terms of flexibility and unique solutions," says sales representative Martin Gustafsson from ROCKWOOL Sweden, who was involved in the construction of the tennis centre. "That's also our strength: we can deliver a total solution for the entire building instead of just supplying insulation. And the earlier we get involved in the process, the more assistance we can give the contractor."

The process of insulating the walls took four men almost two weeks to complete, ensuring that the construction was completed on time. At the same time, the ceiling insulation was also installed. Here, the challenge involved finding a solution that would create good indoor acoustics. A large sports arena that hosts many activities places strict requirements when it comes to acoustics.

"We solved this problem using our new product, RockOrbit," says Martin. "RockOrbit absorbs sound, it insulates, and the black colour also offers good contrast against tennis balls."