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When VINCI Construction was asked to build state-of-the-art accommodation at Nottingham Trent University, protecting the safety and wellbeing of students was paramount.

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VINCI Construction Ltd

The project extends the University's Clifton Campus, and includes 150 studio flats and 577 ensuite rooms across a total of six accommodation blocks.  All six buildings have been constructed with timber frames.  With over 700 students living in close proximity, optimising thermal performance, fire safety and acoustic properties were all priorities.

ROCKWOOL solution
ROCKWOOL FLEXI® and ROCKWOOL FIREPRO® products were used to meet the brief.

VINCI chose ROCKWOOL FLEXI® for the high level energy efficiency that it provides. This is due its unique flexible edge which has been specifically developed using patented technology and creates a tight fitting solution for timber frames. With very strict U-values to meet on the project, ROCKWOOL FLEXI® was also a natural choice as it meets all regulations - Part L (Thermal), Part B (Fire) and Part E (Acoustics).

Structural Fireproofing Systems Limited worked closely with the ROCKWOOL technical team to make important specification decisions at the construction stage. A non-load bearing fire seal was needed between floor levels and in the surface risers between the bathroom pods. ROCKWOOL Ablative Coated Batt, plus mastic and a coating from the FIREPRO® range were used to achieve this.

Sound and air testing confirmed that ROCKWOOL products were a highly effective solution.

• Excellent thermal and fire protection performance
• Non-combustible products that can withstand temperatures of up to 1,000°C
• Enhanced acoustic protection for a study and living environment

Fact file
• 150 studio flats and 577 ensuite rooms
• Timber framed accommodation blocks
• Meets all regulations - Part L (Thermal), Part B (Fire) and Part E (Acoustics)
• prEN 1366-3 fire resistance

Click here to download the Nottingham Trrent University Case study.