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Energy use in nine housing blocks in Catalonia, Spain has been almost halved after being refurbished with e.g. ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation.

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ROCKWOOL Peninsular S.A.U.
Calle del Bruc, 50; 3º
ES-08010 Barcelona

Phone:+34 93 318 90 28
Contact: Jordi Bolea Martí y Diego Albizu


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Adigsa e Imat

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The Planoles's project consists of the renovation of an apartment building. This includes a rendered façade with CoverRock 035 in 60 mm thickness.

The project has two objectives:

1. The quantification of the energy saving in gas for heating consumption, controlling the gas consume of the tenants and the temperature inside their homes.

2. Learn about the render system (application, difficult points, recommendations, etc.).

An acoustic test to see the improvement of the system is also being conducted.