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Like a stranded whale, the remarkable building, which houses an indoor playground of approximately 2,000 sqm, lies in the harbor of the north German commune Friedrichskoog. The “whale skin” was realized as a wooden bearing structure with an energy saving stone wool insulation.

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ROCKWOOL Mineralwoll GmbH & Co. OHG
ROCKWOOL Strasse 37-41
DE-45966 Gladbeck

Telefon: +49 2043 408-0
Kontakt: Andreas Gebing


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Bauplan Nord GmbH & Co. KG (Idee und Generalplanung)

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Entwurf, Planung, Bauleitung/ Design, planning, construction supervision: rimpf Architektur, Stefanie Suckow /Frank Bertram, Eckernförde;Tragwerksplanung/ planning of structural framework: Frick & Petersen, Norbert Petersen, Flensburg

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Stranded whale with energy-saving skin

A whale is stranded in the port of the Nothern -German community of Friedrichskoog. An indoor playground is hiding in its inside with a size of approximately 2,000 square meters. The impressive and unusual building is part of a development concept, whose implementation shall increase the attractiveness of the region as a primary tourist destination. The "whale skin" was realized as a wooden structure with an energy saving stone wool insulation.  

The idea to this leisure offer of the somewhat different kind and the innovative implementation stems from the collaboration of the Bauplan Nord GmbH & Co. KG from Flensburg and the architectural office rimpf Architektur from Eckernförde. An impressive wood structure made from 25 laminated wooden beams of 125 meter length, 25 meter width and 15 meter height encompasses a gross room content of 13,500 square meters. The front hall is generously glazed and ensures an optimal daylight inlet. Through the tail of the "sea giant", one gets to the inside of the building. There, a wide range of activities that are especially weather-independent, and many play possibilities awaits adults and children alike. Through the giant whale mouth, the visitors get to the outside areas of the leisure park.

Thick skin for the sea giant

An unusual building project, which from a technical processing point of view also posed unusual skills to the roof trade:. The responsible roofing master Karsten Poppner remembers: "The wooden skeleton had to remain visible from below, therefore from the inside of the hall. We first laid out a bitumen sealing with aluminum insert as a vapor barrier and emergency sealing onto the wooden outer shell mounted on top of it. This was followed by a 120 mm thick insulating layer made from non-combustible stone wool panels resistant to compression."

Insulating layer snuggles against curved shapes

Hereby, the unusual roof geometry posed several challenges to the construction team and the experienced master roofer. "On the one hand, in 85 % of all areas our employees could only work with a special security rope or with hydraulic platforms, which we drove onto the hall. On the other hand, the 'Durock' insulation boards from ROCKWOOL that were used, needed to be attached with dowels in all four corner areas as well as on the boards' flat area  several times, in order to closely snuggle the insulation material to the curved construction outline. Further, this should ensure the carrying away by wind suction loads in strongly curved, respectively curved roof areas.  This of course also required a millimeter-precise cutting of the boards."

A roof structure for all weather conditions

A thermally and mechanically high stressable polyester fleece-laminated synthetic roof-sealing membrane was laid onto the insulation. The individual sealing membranes were mechanically fastened with the insulation in the overlapping area. Then they were  welded together with a cold bonding adhesive, respectively with hot air. Karsten Poppner was able to insulate and seal a good 3,000 square meters of roof area with his employees in the past few weeks. End of October - and therefore exactly at the right time due to the weather becoming unstable - does the whale open its doors and makes the hearts of the children beat a little faster, regardless of the weather conditions.