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A high-performance classic solution: The Royal Danish Playhouse is situated among traditional storehouses and other buildings along Copenhagen Harbour. That called for a façade solution that was in harmony with its architectural surroundings.

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Beautiful, yes - but does it perform?

The setting, in this case, is Copenhagen Harbour, with its brick storehouses and expansive view across the channel. Accordingly, Mr Schmidt and his team designed the theatre in glass, copper and custom-designed brick, with an oak plank promenade extending over the water along the glass foyer.

The question was, how do you make traditional brick cavity walls perform like the latest high-tech systems?

Boosting efficiency, silencing noise

On top of all the aesthetic requirements, the Playhouse had to deliver exceptional thermal and acoustic performance. "The building is packed with alternative energy systems, and the cavity wall supports energy efficiency by providing room for lots of insulation," Mr Schmidt explains.

The ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation chosen for the Royal Danish Playhouse not only delivers outstanding thermal protection, it also protects against fire, is vapour-permeable and - particularly important for a theatre - dampens noise coming from outside the building. "It was important to minimise disturbances by keeping noise out, and an insulated cavity wall does a great job," says Mr Schmidt.  He also cites a reputation for reliable, durable performance as a reason for choosing ROCKWOOL insulation.

A solution that lives up to expectations

The Royal Danish Playhouse has been widely praised both for its appearance and for its performance as a building. When asked about ROCKWOOL's overall contribution to the roject's success, Mr Schmidt says the insulation fully lives up to his expectations. What does he appreciate most about it? "Let's put it this way," Mr Schmidt concludes, "it just works."

"Let's put it this way, it just works."

- Henrik Schmidt, architect