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From obsolete industrial building to energy efficient culture centre - ROCKWOOL Group breathes new life into a tired building. The Culture and Community Centre in Valhalsgade, Copenhagen, has undergone a much needed refurbishment.

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Hovedgaden 501
DK - 2640 Hedehusene

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Birgitte Kortegaard

The building was originally an administration and storage facility for Osram, the light bulb manufacturer, but since the mid-80s it has been used as a local cultural and community centre. Now, a major renovation has transformed the building from a shabby and obsolete industrial property into a modern, energy efficient Culture and Community Centre whilst maintaining visible references to its proud past as an iconic commercial site. The renovation includes the use of several ROCKWOOL products, including ROCKWOOL insulation, ROCKPANEL boards and ROCKFON ceilings.

Energy saving and innovative architecture

The renovation has resulted in significantly lower energy consumption at Osramhouse. Effective insulation measures, new windows and solar panels have all reduced the total energy consumption by approximately 60 percent. However insulating a building that features a partially historic facade was a challenge, explains Birgitte Kortegaard, architect and project manager for the City of Copenhagen's urban renewal efforts in Haraldsgade district.

"The facade is very typical of its time and has a number of iconic features which had to be retained. It was necessary to keep the windows which, together with a glass mosaic above the original entrance, give the building its architectural identity.

Where feasible, the inner walls have been insulated with 300mm of ROCKWOOL insulation and the entire building has been fitted with a ROCKFON ceiling solution. The ROCKFON ceilings serve an important acoustic purpose as the newly renovated Osramhouse will host both musical and dance performances.

A new shimmering and light-emitting facade
Faced with the prospect of the back entrance of the building being the new main entrance for the foreseeable future, an architectural solution had to be found. "We chose to insulate the facade with ROCKWOOL insulation and seal this with ROCKPANEL Chameleon boards in grey and green, as a beautiful contrast to the commercial building's old concrete," Birgitte Kortegaard explains.

She continues: "We were able to make the old un-insulated walls thermally efficient. And from an architectural point of view, ROCKPANEL boards are more than just panels covering the insulation; they provide a unique aesthetic opportunity to play with light, shape and colour". The shimmering ROCKPANEL surface brings life to the facade, which appears to change colour depending on the direction of the sunlight and the angle from which the panels are viewed. Additionally the panels are also graffiti resistant, a significant benefit in this district of Copenhagen.

From the backyard to the main entrance

For the next seven years the courtyard facade will be the Centre's main entrance.  It has therefore been important for the architect to create a facade that harmonises and provides a contrast with the untouched and preserved part of the Osramhouse.

In order to create an aesthetic connection between the historic facade of the building and the new facade facing the courtyard, the ROCKPANEL boards have been etched with a pattern similar to that on the original concrete windows. Architect Birgitte Kortegaard underlines ROCKPANEL boards as a flexible solution:

"In many ways ROCKPANEL reminds me of LEGO. Like the well-known bricks, it comes in a variety of colours and shapes which makes it possible to achieve a specific architectural expression."