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ROCKWOOL insulation is behind the natural stone and aluminum façade of 'O2 World' in Berlin, giving the entertainment arena a good solution for sound insulation, durability and fire safety.

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Whether it is major sports events or concerts taking place, the multi-functional 'O2 World' arena in Berlin offers great sound protection, while not bothering the rest of the city with too much noise. By providing insulation that improves sound insulation of an exterior wall with up to 10 dB, ROCKWOOL insulation has helped make sure that the activities in the arena do not necessarily entertain the whole city.

As the second most important arena venue in Germany and ranked 16th in the world, 'O2 World' opened its doors in 2008.  The venue covers a total area of 60,000 m2 and 120,000 m2 of outdoor space; the shell around the arena is 35,000 m3. "At the entrance the visitor is met by an aluminium facade that inclines at an angle of about 15 percent." says Ronald Brock Hagen, Project Manager for Hoesch Contecna Systembau.

A facade in stone, aluminium and glass
The suspended natural stone façade is made with black granite and white sandstone, combined with a shiny aluminium facade. A semicircular glass facade, covered with 300,000 LED clusters, adds a futuristic play of light. ROCKWOOL 100mm non-combustible stone wool exterior wall insulation is placed behind this complex facade, making sure the 'O2 World' benefits from ROCKWOOL's strong fire safety performance.

Jürgen Puschmann, Managing Director of Dämmtechnik Puschmann GmbH calls it "a good decision" to use ROCKWOOL insulation behind both the natural stone and aluminium facade. He is very enthusiastic about the overall building concept as well as the ventilated facade design specifically. The open ventilation diffuses dampness and the exterior walls of 'O2 World' proved to dry extremely quickly when ROCKWOOL insulation was used.

ROCKWOOL insulation from top to bottom
By working closely together across sales teams, and through personal contact with both customers and suppliers, ROCKWOOL Group was able to offer a wide range of solutions for 'O2 World'. Not only is the facade insulated with the ROCKWOOL solution 'Fixrock', ROCKWOOL Group is also responsible for the aesthetically pleasing garage ceiling boards, acoustic insulation of dry lining separation walls, and an inverted flat roof system. Apart from providing the right look and including a CAD service, the Georock roof boards were chosen because of their durability and their insulation qualities.