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This low energy house in Seest is an architecturally designed standard house with an extraordinarily low heating consumption.

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Hovedgaden 501
DK-2640 Hedehusene

Phone: +45 46 56 16 16


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This house was built in Seest, Kolding - but could equally be built on any site, as it is not experimental and is comparable to all other standard house constructions.

Energy consumption

The low energy house uses 2.5 litres of oil per m2 per year for room heating, which equates to a monthly heating bill of 22 euro (including energy use for the ventilation system). This is a reduction of 107 euro per month compared to a normal house which typically uses 14 litres of oil per m2 per year.

Technical solutions

The low energy house only uses geothermal energy for heating. ROCKWOOL International A/S, and the department of Civil Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark, have worked together to develop windows that reduce thermal bridges between walls and windows. Additionally, the thermal bridges at the foundation and the facade are reduced by external insulation and hermetic seams. A ventilation system ensures ventilation with heat recovery and the house is insulated with 200-550 mm in the various constructions.

Indoor climate

The family living in the low energy house in Seest enjoy an outstanding indoor climate: "We always have fresh air in our home. There is no draught, no more cold feet and no excessively warm summer days indoors."