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The Dutch government’s ambition is to make energy-neutral housing the norm by 2020.

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ROCKWOOL Benelux plays an active role in this aspiration as illustrated by a special construction project in the city of Roosendaal. The project comprises the first passive houses for a housing corporation in the Netherlands.

The Aramis Housing Corporation in Roosendaal has already been frequently confronted by the problems of rising energy costs for its tenants. To gain some experience with new, energy-saving construction concepts, Aramis issued the contract for the construction of three passive houses.

"The passive house concept is relatively new to the Netherlands. It requires a transformation in the Dutch way of thinking about energy efficiency and construction. But it has a lot to contribute to the development of energy-neutral housing, which the government wants to make the norm by 2020," explains Market Development Manager Agnes Schuurmans, ROCKWOOL Benelux.

In the Roosendaal project, three layers of mineral wool with a total thickness of 380 mm were installed in the external walls and roof. This is three times more than is conventionally used at present. With these three properties, Aramis is providing an outstanding response to rising energy prices and the increasing demand for comfort:

  • The resident's living costs remain affordable
  • The quality of the internal environment continues to be good
  • The houses are expected to retain their value in the future