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VILLA CONCEPT is a living demonstration that passive measures are one of the most effective ways to cut energy consumption.

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111, rue du Château des Rentiers
FR-75013 Paris

Phone: +33 1 40 77 82 82
Contact: Frédéric-Jérôme CARDONA


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Jacques Patingre
Mail: provencale.patingre@wanadoo.fr
Tel: 04 90 42 12 12

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Franck Azambertti

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Saving energy is cost-effective energy
The contemporary and elegant VILLA CONCEPT is an energy-plus house meaning that the house is its own energy source. The concept is based on a super-insulated building envelope which requires very little energy to be heated, illuminated and ventilated. When completed, all these needs are supplied by renewable energy sources.

"Most of the energy waste in housing is caused by inadequate insulation. ROCKWOOL insulation and the sealing of openings and junctions are of major importance in reducing cold bridges and low thermal resistance in the Villa Concept,"explains Fréderic-Jerôme Cardona from ROCKWOOL France.

ROCKWOOL® insulation keeps it cool
Even in warmer regions such as the south of France, it makes sense to insulate. In hot climates, stone wool helps keep indoor temperatures comfortably cool. Well-insulated walls help keep the sun's sweltering rays out during hot summer days reducing the need for artificial, energy-consuming cooling and ventilation systems.

Healthier and better homes
This house is the first of a series designed to ensure healthier, more efficient and less polluting homes.
Being part of the Maison Respect project developed by ROCKWOOL France, the house meets the challenge of creating affordable, energy-efficient modern homes with excellent indoor climates. All Maison Respect homes use building materials as sustainable as possible, which respect nature and the environment.
Since  it is easy to duplicate the concept, it is affordable to the wider market.

Modern sustainability
"Household heating energy consumption is rather misunderstood and underestimated in people's minds. Many people are unaware that they spend more than half of their energy supply on heating," explains Fréderic-Jerôme Cardona.

In the Villa Concept, this knowledge is the basis of building a climate-friendly home. Designing to minimise energy loss is the first step towards sustainable living. When this is achieved, looking at other aspects such as the use of renewable energy sources starts to make sense. This is the principle of "Trias Energetica" that advocates that the most sustainable energy is saved energy.

Greening savings
The green roof terrace and green south façade wall make the house blend into the countryside while offering acoustic and thermal protection to the house.
The vegetation supports the super ROCKWOOL insulation making the house literally grow its own additional insulation without compromising the aesthetics of the house.

Wooden panels on the western façade help cool the building in summer while letting in daylight in winter, minimizing the need for artificial lightning.
Balanced ventilation and heat recovery ensure that very little energy is needed for heating and lighting - and that the air quality is good. In addition, renewable technologies such as a solar boiler for DHW (Domestic Hot Water), PV panels for electricity, and a wood stove (the best CO2-absorber) are used to supply the small amount of energy still needed.

A long-term investment is a solid investment
When energy demand is lowered to a minimum no over-engineering or technical solutions are needed, which keeps building and maintenance costs down.

"Properly installed facade insulation ensures permanent savings on heating costs," says Fréderic-Jerôme Cardona from ROCKWOOL France and continues: "The Villa Concept shows that it is a good idea to invest in the envelope than in active equipment. This reduces the long-term expenses significantly and ensures a faster return of investment."

Maison Respect
Maison Respect is an on-going concept of the ROCKWOOL Group aimed at the housing industry in France. The ROCKWOOL Group provides engineering support in France, insulation products, and grants for architects and developers.