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Full of day light - and a low energy house.

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ROCKWOOL Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kwiatowa 14
PL-66-131 Cigacice

Phone: +48 68 38 50 250
Contact: Jakub Dygas


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Pracownia Projektowa Archipelag POLAND, cooperation with VELUX

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LUMINA HOUSE is a functional single family house, which aims to make the best use of natural light and create the setting for good life. It has been thought as an approach towards housing sustainbility.

Energy balance

The energy quality of a house is a step towards sustainability in living. With introduction of Velux solar panels, natural ventilation trough roof windows, floot heating and good ROCKWOOL insulation, Lumina house is a holistic solution in contemporary energy balanced architecture.

Lumina House meets the requirements of low energy class 1, which is 50% of a normal house.

Total energy demand kWh/m2 per year
Low energy class 1 40,1
Low energy class 2 57,4
Minimum requirement 80,2
Calculation for LUMINA 39,7


The calculation has been made with the computer program Be06. It provides an overview of the energy performance of the house based on Danish regulations and climate.