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"We wanted to design a standard house that could easily fit every site and at the same time be as adjustable as possible to meet the needs of any individual family." KWK Promes Architects.

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ROCKWOOL Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kwiatowa 14
PL-66-131 Cigacice

Phone: +48 68 38 50 250
Contact: Jakub Dygas


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Robert Konieczny, Katarzyna Furgalińska, KWK Promes POLAND

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An individual standard
The standard house came about under unusual conditions. The house was supposed to be constructed on two different sites at the same time but only the one site had been chosen when the house was on the drawing board.

"That is how we came up with the idea of designing a standard house that could at the same time fit each and every family's individual needs," says Robert Konieczny from KWK Promes.

While the exterior wall of the building is fixed, the roof design and the layout of the ground floor as well as the windows and doors can be individually designed for each house.

The smart cylinder
The house was designed as a cylinder to gain the most floor space with least exterior wall surface. This lowers potential energy and heat loss as much as possible.

"The cylinder is one of the least energy-consuming building styles and energy consumption is noticeably lower than in a typical family house. This makes the cylinder the most sustainable choice," explains Robert Konieczny.

The cylindrical shape, in combination with ROCKWOOL® thermal insulation, eliminates cold bridges and effectively reduces heat loss.

Sustainable and affordable
Lowering the surface area also means reducing the required building material considerably. This keeps building costs down.  The aim was and is to create sustainable, affordable housing by using renewable energy sources and natural building materials such as wood and stone wool.

"We are not just designing for the family of today but also for the future generations. Natural materials such as wood and ROCKWOOL stone wool are ideal construction materials for durable and sustainable homes," explains the architect.

Consisting of undepletable material and recycled resources, and being fully recyclable, ROCKWOOL stone wool is perfect for any builder looking for sustainable sourcing.

Tradition meets tradition
In the standard hOuse, two tried and tested building traditions from the world's coldest regions meet. Stone and wood, two well-known and well-tested building materials, create a very energy efficient and durable standard home using nature's principles. The wooden construction gives the house a warm and friendly feel while ROCKWOOL stone wool insulation ensures that the house stays warm and cosy even in the coldest winters.

"Made from stone, ROCKWOOL products' unique physical structure retain the shape and toughness of the insulation materialfor decades and are unaffected by changes in temperature or humidity," explains Claus Bugge Garn, Vice President, Group Public Affairs of ROCKWOOL International and continues: "This ensures the most sustainable building envelope - one that can last for generations while keeping the impact on nature to a minimum."