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Insulation makes the difference. Termorenovation case of old "Cube" in Poland.

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ROCKWOOL Polska Sp. z o.o.
ul. Kwiatowa 14
PL-66-131 Cigacice


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Agnieszka Cena - Soroko

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Dolnosląska Agencja Energii i Środowiska

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In 2007 ROCKWOOL Poland organized social action "Energy-efficient modernization with ROCKWOOL". The aim of this campaign was to encourage owners of poorly insulated houses with high energy demand - which is very much still in Poland - to improve insulation level of their houses. It was decided to show a concrete example.

Renovation process started from an energy audit. Audit shows which elements were responsible for energy loss in building. It appeared that problem concerns entire outer shell of the building (flat roof, external walls, foundation walls, roof over the basement, etc.). The efficiency of the heating system was also examined but not modified. Renovation costs estimated at 20 ths. eur, where the largest part were external walls 14 ths eur and flat roof 3 ths eur.

After renovation work were performed tests to verify the energy building consumption. The results of these tests confirmed the drastic reduction of heating loss through the building envelope. The measurements showed that energy demand declined from 511.56 kWh/m2/year to kWh/m2/year. Only by changing the building insulation obtained 72% energy savings. However, a significant reduction in heat consumption and heating costs are not everything, very important are also the appearance and functionality, not to mention comfort.